Biography of Luciano Mestrich Motta

If you want to learn about politics, economy, market or investments then you can get all the skills from a professional. Learning from a company’s former CEO can help you to understand how all these things work. Experience can help you to understand certain things that you won’t learn from the book. All the things regarding the finance and legal department are essential for a business. If you do not invest in certain parts of the business then you cannot find the room for the growth. Here you can learn all these things from a professional like Luciano Mestrich Motta.



He is an executive who has more than 25 years of experience in a prominent position. He was also the former CEO of a holding company of one of the largest business groups in Brazil, which provides him a deep knowledge of the business. He can also help you to understand various factors regarding the financial and legal aspects of the business. If you are starting a new business, then you need to get such expertise for it to ensure that you do not make any mistake that can cost you business and financial help.

With his expertise, you can get a diverse and comprehensive experience for the management of your company in different areas of business. You can find information regarding real estate development, financial investment, properties, and heavy construction. If you want to get some help from an expert regarding the merger or acquisition of a company, then you can get such information from an expert who led the biggest asset sale transaction in the history of Brazil.

Moving to Portugal

After deciding that he has done enough work, Luciano Mestrich Motta decided to move to Portugal along with his family. It is a country, which he fell in love with. Right now he lives in Lisbon and if you want to get any business-related help then you can contact him on his official email ID. His experience and expertise in managing the business can help you to improve the quality of services.

Various things you can learn

Various things you can learn

If you want to learn about various types of business aspects for which you can get the help of luciano mestrich motta, then you can find such information mentioned here. You can get proper solutions for various financial aspects of your business to ensure that you do not make any mistakes and gain profit from your business deals.

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• Travel and gastronomy

Current Professional or Work

Currently, luciano mestrich motta is working on developing projects to purchase and sale of real estate along with real estate rehabilitation. He has also helped the various Brazilians who moved to Portugal by providing them the required information. Right now he is also a part of makeup with a foundation that helps in fulfilling the dreams of sick children. If you want any type of help with your business, then you should not hesitate and send him a message. You can see his experience from the suggestions regarding the business and finance.