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All You Need to Know About The Knife Parts

All You Need to Know About The Knife Parts

Knife Parts – The Blade

A more recent innovation is knife blades which are made out of very hard ceramics, usually zirconium oxides. The extreme hardness of ceramic knives allows them to maintain their sharpness up to 10x longer than traditional steel knives. The drawback to the increased hardness of the ceramic blades is that they are relatively brittle and may shatter or crack if used to pry or cut frozen foods. Also, most ceramic blades tend to chip when dropped, view website.

Knife Parts - The Blade

Another potential drawback is that ceramic blades cannot be sharpened with the usual ceramic whetstone (or sharpening wheels). A material harder than the blade must be used, which in this case requires diamonds which is why some manufacturers offer a complimentary sharpening service with each purchase. Otherwise, it is recommended that ceramic knives are sharpened with industrial grade diamond sharpeners.

Types of Blades

The blade of the knife consists of 3 main parts: the Tip, the Spine, and the Cutting Edge.

The most desirable type of blade is the taper ground. During manufacture, the knife’s blade is forged from a single sheet of metal and, as the name implies, is then ground to taper smoothly from the spine to the cutting edge.

Some blades are beveled, not continuously tapered. The bevel is a sharper angle ground in to form the cutting edge. A beveled edge is not as sharp as a continuously tapered one. Your most frequently used knife should be made with a taper ground blade.

Types of Blades

Hollow ground blades are typically made from 2 sheets of metal, with their edges either beveled or fluted. The “hollows” (also referred to as kullens) of the blade reduce friction while slicing. As a result, these blades are most commonly found on specialty knives such as those used for slicing (bread) or carving (ham, turkey, beef). Although these knives usually have very sharp edges, they typically lack the balance and longevity of taper ground blades.

It should be noted that some Santoku knives are available with hollow ground blades. These knives are typically made outside of Japan with softer, single alloy steels. Since the scallops create air pockets which reduce friction between the blade and material being sliced, the knife appears to be sharper. Traditional Santoku knives should not have hollows since they rely on the inherint quality of the steel and the Japanese edge geometry for their sharpness.

Autism Creates Financial Hardship: Health Insurance, Second Jobs and Second Mortgages Often Used to Pay

Autism Creates Financial Hardship

As autism spectrum disorders have increased from 1 in 166 children to 1 in 150 children, more families are being faced with the tremendous financial burden that often comes along with such a diagnosis. Inexpensive is not an adjective often used to describe autism treatments and many families are facing serious financial decisions when determining which treatment route to take with their loved one.

Private and State-funded Health Insurance

Private and State-funded Health Insurance

The first place that most families go to in terms of funding for diagnosis, therapy, supplements, etc. is their health insurance company. However, many health insurance companies do not cover the pricey appointment with a developmental pediatrician or the much-needed psycho-educational evaluation by experienced clinical psychologists. With fees ranging from $300 to $3000 and on up, receiving a diagnosis is often the first financial hurdle that many families face.

One option, post diagnosis, which is available to some individuals on the autism spectrum is state-funded health insurance. Many times, this insurance is managed and funded through a state’s Department of Developmental Disabilities (DDD). This office may provide funding for the more seriously affected children. Parents who are looking for information regarding state-funded health insurance should visit their state’s website or contact an autism support group in their area.

Securing a Second Job

It is not unheard of for family members to obtain a second job in order to pay for therapy and treatments. This usually takes the form of the primary breadwinner working two jobs to help make ends meet. If the child didn’t already have one parent staying home with him, it is not unusual for the secondary wage earner to quit his or her job in order to provide primary care for the child with autism.

This burden is two-fold. First, the secondary wage earner no longer earns an income and second, the primary breadwinner must now work more hours in order to help make ends meet. This isn’t just for families who are not in an optimal financial position: certain autism therapies can run upwards of $75,000 per year so even those with an above-average household income can be hit hard by the financial aspects of raising a child with an autism spectrum disorder.

Second Mortgages

While no official study has been done, website after website details how families have taken second and even third mortgages to help fund therapy for their child. In the housing crunch of today, some of these families are now facing foreclosure. When you ask these parents if it was worth it, many will unequivocally say yes, their child’s future was at stake and they can always find another place to live.

The reality of the increase in autism diagnoses is leading bureaucrats and family members across the United States to search for new funding options. Several states have taken steps to mandate that insurance companies provide coverage for autism spectrum disorders. One of these states is Arizona whose mandated autism insurance coverage bill will go in effect in the summer.

How Many Ways You Can Use Multiple Whatsapp Aero?

How Many Ways You Can Use Multiple Whatsapp Aero

Nowadays, we are all addicted to using our smartphones. We depend on it for everything from sending messages and taking pictures to navigation. However, there is still an aspect of life that it cannot be replaced with: texting!

One of the key things about using mobile phones using messaging app Whatsapp Aero (or just plain “Whatsapp Aero”). It is a great way for friends or family members living far away from each other to connect without having to spend money calling them even if they don’t have any minutes left on their own plan’s data pack!

Quick Whatsapp Aero Trick: How to Connect Your Phone To Another one

Quick Whatsapp Aero Trick

Now we will discuss about how to connect your Whatsapp Aero from one phone to another. This can be useful for those who are looking for a way connect their phones while abroad, or if they have had their phone stolen and want to keep in touch with friends and family back home.

You connect your Whatsapp Aero to another phone by following the steps below:

Open Whatsapp Aero on both phones.

Go to Settings and make sure that you have a green check mark next to “My Phone” or “This Phone”.

Tap on “Add Account” and choose the other phone.

How to use multi Whatsapp Aero account on my phone?

How to use multi Whatsapp Aero account on my phone

You can connect two Whatsapp Aero on the same phone. For example, your spouse and you both have a Whatsapp Aero account, but for some reason you don’t want to share it with them. You can connect each of their accounts individually to your own phone so that they are still able to view messages that were sent just between the two of you.

To connect another person’s Whatsapp Aero account onto your phone: open our Whatsapp Aero app > go into settings (gear icon) > select “Accounts” > then click “add account”. Select which type of device is being connected from under “type”, choose how long this connection will be active by choosing an expiration date in days or hours from “expiration time”, enter the username and password.

Is there any way to detect if anyone is using multiple Whatsapp Aero?

A person is using two Whatsapp Aero if they use the same phone number for both accounts. If you connect your Whatsapp Aero to another phone, it will show up as an unverified account on that second device. You can connect your Whatsapp Aero to a new or old Android and iPhone by downloading the app from Google Play Store or iTunes App Store respectively. However, there are certain limitations like not being able to use Voice Call in case of iOS devices while other features work flawlessly without any hindrance such as sending messages with photos, videos etc., sharing locations, doing group chats.


There are many ways that you can use Whatsapp Aero. You can text, voice record messages and group chat with friends or family members who also have the app. This is a great way to stay connected when you’re on-the-go! One of my favorite features of Whatsapp Aero is the ability to send audio files over wifi connection for free. I like this because it saves me time from using data so often! If you want more ideas about how to get started with Whatsapp Aero. We hope these tips help keep your phone usage in control as well as save some time too! What other uses do you know for Whatsapp Aero? Let us know in the comments below.

Eight Heart Healthy Habits

Eight Heart Healthy Habits

The American Heart Association (AHA) reports that heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States.  Those at the greatest risk for such grave heart problems include anyone with a history of: stroke, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

To limit your chances of becoming part of this grave U.S. statistic, start following these 8 simple steps and start improving your heart health right away.

Potassium: Fruits and vegetables high in potassium are great for heart health.  Try to incorporate bananas, tomatoes, spinach, Brussels sprouts and kiwi fruit into your diet each day.

Fruits and vegetables

Nutrients: Choose nutrient rich foods such as colorful fruits and vegetables.  The different colors represent different vitamins and nutrients so try to keep your plate as colorful as possible.  See  (*Link to colorful veggies article).

Decrease Sodium: Remember to use fresh fruit as often as possible to limit sodium in your foods. Also, try using different spices to improve the taste of foods rather than salt.

Reduce Cholesterol: To reduce cholesterol, choose whole grains rice and breads that are rich with fiber.  These fiber rich foods will also help you feel more full and satisfied, read from the link.

Limit Fats and Sugars: Try to keep the sugars and fats in your diet to a minimum.   The American Heart Association recommends that fat consumption be only 20-35% of your daily calorie intake.  That means about 44-78 grams per day.

Limit Saturated Fats: When talking about fats, it is also important to remember which types of fat are healthier.  Saturated fats increase your LDL levels (also described as “bad” cholesterol).  Limit saturated fats by choosing low or non-fat dairy products.  Also, when it comes to cooking, use healthier cooking methods like baking, grilling or broiling.  These healthy cooking methods will help to eliminate added fats from cooking oils.

Omega-3: Choose fish when dining out to get a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids.  Also try adding a sprinkle flax seed over your cereal, yogurt or smoothies to add fiber and healthy omega-3 fats.

heart is a muscle

Stay active:  Your heart is a muscle.  Like any muscle, regular exercise will keep it strong and durable.  The American Heart Association recommends 30 minutes of activity a day, 5 times per week.   (Remember that you can break this up into 10 or 15 minute bouts of activity, such as walks on your breaks at work).

Love your heart and treat it right and it will keep you ‘ticking’ for as long as possible.

How to Get a Free Diabetic Glucose Meter

How to Get a Free Diabetic Glucose Meter

Many know that insurance takes care of insulin, test strips, and glucose meters. But what if you don’t have insurance? Those without insurance that have diabetes need to find other alternatives to getting their supplies as cheaply as possible. And with the cost of test strips hitting unbelievable highs lately, a free glucose meter takes some of the sting of the strips away.

free diabetic glucose monitor

There are a couple of ways to get a free diabetic glucose monitor if you do not have insurance. One way is to use a rebate system where you can download a form and take it and your prescription to a pharmacy to get your glucose meter. Those pop up online from time to time depending on the pharmacy for the company that is putting on the promotion. Then there is the 100% free, shipped directly to you method. In 2007 there are several different of these types floating around the web that I will hit upon here in this article.

Bayer is a manufacturer that puts out the Contour Blood Glucose monitor. They have a link that has a form that you can fill out without putting in any insurance or medicare information and the monitor is mailed directly to you. I have verified and received one of these this month. If you want to get a Bayer Contour Blood Glucose monitor free then you can follow the highlighted link.

Lifescan is a manufacturer that puts out such monitors as the Ultrasmart and the Ultra 2. Both very good monitors. (To catch my roundup on these two monitors check out this article that pits the Ultrasmart against the Ultra 2) Lifescan has a promotion going on in 2007 where they give you one of their monitors, the One Touch Ultra 2, and also gives you a Food DVD that explains the importance of diet in your lifestyle plan. This is a great monitor, simple to use and very high quality. I have also verified this offer and have received one of these this month as well. If you want to get a Lifescan One Touch Ultra 2 monitor free then you can follow this highlighted link.

Precision glucose meter

Abbott Labs is giving away a Freestyle and Precision glucose meter on their website for 2007. These are good monitors full of simplicity and easy to use. They do not require insurance and/or medicare information to get the meter and will ship it to you free as well. If you need a good glucose meter for your diabetes and don’t want to go into a pharmacy, then this is a great link to follow. I have received one of these meters a few months ago, and so the link is verified. If you want to get you either a Freestyle or Precision glucose meter then you can follow the highlighted link to put in your information.

Black Men Prostate Cancer

Black Men Prostate Cancer

This page is intended to provide important information about black men prostate cancer. The rates of black men prostate cancer is higher than any other male group in America. For this reason we recommend that all black males in their 30s, and the people who love them, should be informed about this.

So the prostate is a small gland that is located in an extremely delicate place in the male body.

Common Conditions That Effect The Prostate

There are several common conditions that can occur in the prostate including:

Acute Prostatitis is an infection of the prostate caused by bacteria. It can cause fever, chills, or pain in the lower back and between the legs. It usually clears on it’s own however your doctor may prescribe antibiotic drugs to help clear it more quickly. Or they may just suggest that you drink more liquids.

Common Conditions That Effect The Prostate

Chronic Prostatitis which is like acute prostatitis, however it keeps coming back on a recurring basis.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia which is commonly referred to as BPH is a condition where over time the prostate becomes enlarged and may restrict the urethra, making it hard to urinate. You may be familiar with BPH treatment commercials on TV.

And this brings us to Prostate Cancer which is the most serious condition. It is cancerous cells like we are all already familiar with, however these form within the male prostate. The available treatment options for prostate cancer works best when the disease is found early.

National Statistics Concerning Prostate Cancer

  • More than 30 million men, in general, suffer from some form of prostate condition that negatively affects their quality of life.
  • Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer among all men, except skin cancer.
  • The American Cancer Society estimates prostate cancer in the U.S. averages around 190,000 new cases each year.
  • And each year approximately 30,000 men die from prostate cancer.
  • And for black men prostate cancer? They are 3 times more likely to have prostate cancer than white men! And they are twice as likely to die from it!

These statistics are very alarming, and pretty grim. The bottom line with black men prostate cancer is that they get it more, and they die from it more. Which makes it very understandable that if you are a black male, or a female that has a black male in your life, and you suspect something may be going on with the prostate, then these statistics can be absolutely terrifying.

However, there is one more statistic that is even more alarming! And that is%u2026 With early detection the survival rate of prostate cancer is well over 90%!

That means that many of the 30,000 deaths do not have to happen! The increase rates of black men prostate cancer deaths do not have to happen!

So the simple question is%u2026 Which group of statistics do you want to be in?

Things You Should Consider

The statistics are clear that prostate cancer is definitely more common in men over 50 years old. The big question with prostate cancer, as with most all cancer, is it slow growing or fast growing.

As long as the cancer is contained within the prostate it often causes very little problems at all. In fact within many older men the doctor may decide to just monitor it regularly and if it is showing no signs of spreading they will do nothing at all. However with younger men with more of a normal remaining life expectancy this is usually not an option

Because once the cancer grows beyond the prostate then it starts to spread to all nearby organs. Once this happens there are options become very limited.

This is why it is a mistake to consider prostate cancer as only an old mans disease. Statistics do show that prostate cancer is something that younger men don’t need to be too overly concern about either. In fact the American Cancer Society recommends that men should start getting yearly prostate exams and screenings at about 45 to 50 years old. But remember this is all men in general!

Considering that black men prostate cancer rates are a very alarming 3 times as much as white men, it just seems like common sense that black males should start earlier. At least begin educating themselves and start annual screenings at least around 35 to 40.

Your Best Options

It is black men within this age group that information is intended for! Early detection is the key! Think about how many lives could be saved by this!

Your Best Options

So if you, or someone you care about, are concerned about prostate health or facing the possibility of prostate cancer then you need to get information, and education, immediately. Especially about black men prostate cancer!

NOW is the time to get serious about black men prostate cancer, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment options! Info USA1 is a member of Consumers Info USA. Our company reviews customer feedback to determine the best online information, and educational, services. We recommend the best services to the people who need them! For more information regarding black men prostate cancer, go now to globenewswire.com/news-release/2021/04/19/2212822/0/en/Carbofix-Reviews-New-Weight-Loss-Supplement-by-Product-World.html.

Saltwater Fishing for the Frugal Minded

Saltwater Fishing for the Frugal Minded

Wikipedia sources state that fishing gear is composed of: lures, bait, lines, rod, reels, net and trawls, downriggers, outriggers, gaffs, harpoons, floats, and last but not least traps.

Most sporting goods stores carry most if not all of these items. “Big 5 Sporting Goods” is very well known with stores in half of the country (USA), but most if not all bait/tackle shops should have these items. In places like Florida for example; Florida is famous for both salt-and freshwater fishing. It’s not uncommon for Floridians to live within walking distance of bait/tackle shops (Most Floridians live within walking distance to lakes, ponds, swamps and/or the sea). Florida is surrounded by water; freshwater and saltwater fishing tackle are similar, but beware: dissimilarities abound. Florida has got to be one of the best and least expensive places to fish in….

Saltwater Fishing


Not only are lures essential in saltwater fishing, they are a must! Lures (caveat: saltwater lures are usually bigger than freshwater) can be purchased for around $3-$5.00 each. Crocodile lures as they are called, are great for bonito and barracuda; bonitos or bonitas are small tunas (1-5 pound) which can be caught near the shore using lures. Heddon makes excellent fishing lures, read more from here.


It’s not an uncommon narrative for people whom have never gone fishing before to see someone fishing with lures next to them, and to their surprise being more successful than they are with bait. However, there are times when bait is a must. Sardines, mackerel (cut up in small pieces), mussels, squid, and worms make excellent inexpensive bait. Again, they’re available in most if not all bait/tackle shops.


Can be purchased anywhere. There are different size hooks to suit the quarry you are attempting to pursuit….


Don’t bother purchasing line under 15-pound test for saltwater, it’s futile for beginners. Monofilament fishing-lines are great. Ignore 4-5 pound test line (freshwater gear), as it won’t do you any good. 15-pound test (preferably 20-pound) is perfect, and inexpensive. If you’re a methodical individual who cleans their gear after usage (soap and water, and/or alcohol), etc., fishing lines can last upwards of 10 years.

Sinkers (weight):

Depending on where you are fishing from: pier fishing (shore) requires light sinkers, anywhere from 1/2-1 ounce. On the other hand, deep sea fishing requires heavier sinkers.


Many to chose from. Again, beware of the differences between saltwater fishing rods, and freshwater rods. Saltwater rods are usually bigger and sturdier than freshwater rods. When well taken care of; good rods ($140.00 or so) can virtually last you a lifetime. Daiwa products are not the cheapest, but they are worth it in the long run. Cheap rods don’t last long, forcing the individual to purchase fishing tackle more often.


Again, Daiwa makes great reels. If you take care of your reel, it can last you upwards of 25 years.

For around $200.00 or so can get a person started in one of the greatest sports known to mankind. Don’t purchase everything at once. If you’re a beginner, you’ll want to be sure you like fishing before ‘going all out’ purchasing expensive equipment. Only purchase essentials at first, little by little is best, and it wont break you financially.

How And When To Make Friends

How And When To Make Friends

Right Acquaintance

People also make friends at church gathering and that is not a bad place to meet either. You can meet very insightful christians when you strike the right acquaintance. In the same way, the bible enjoins us to be careful of “wolves in sheep clothing”. Some church members can be dangerous. Under the pretext of spiritual things, Christians hide their true personality. If you befriend somebody with the belief that you met at church so he’s a good person, you may be making a grave mistake. I know church people that gossip more than anybody else. Their heart is full of jealousy and hatred. People even have a class of people they associate with when we’re supposed to be one body. There is no more help and refuge in God’s house today. Bible again says, “We should test all spirits”. Being a spiritual gathering, there could be good ones though but do not rush in selecting, take a day at a time.

Meeting a Friend through an encounter

Meeting a Friend through an encounter

You can also meet a friend through an encounter. I always like citing this example for the bachelors. For instance, you happen to be walking on a path with a pack of food in a polythene bag then a lady pops up in front of you. The path was too narrow that when you got closer, both of you speculated where the other might pass. Incidentally, your speculation went wrong as you all walked into one path, she bumped into you and your food spilled, clicking here. Unfortunately, you did not have any alternative. So the lady was so sorry and compassionate that, she invited you to her residence, served you food much better in quality than what you had bought, went into conversation to know each other and friendship began from that moment. You see, sometimes such incidents are divinely orchestrated by God to bring people together and that becomes a long lasting one.

Direction and Counsel

Another good place to meet is at workshops, symposia, seminars and conferences. A knowledge based gathering where people come to receive direction and counsel. You went there for a purpose and the reason was to receive empowerment principles for self-development and success. So the thinking lines of people are; “how do I do it”, who do I network or strike an acquaintance with to help. All the people gathered are people looking for solutions in life and if you’re one then it’s a good place to make a friend. Based on the earlier questions, you begin to look for such people and as you find them, you find ways of networking with people who have similar dreams like yours. Then you will be formed in that likeness. With such friends, what they always make you think about is self-development and growth whereas others will teach you, following women, marriage and unnecessary arguments.

Good or Bad Friends

Good or Bad Friends

Now that we have known the places to seemingly make good or bad friends, we can all conclude that, the value and longevity of your friendship depends on the location you met and the circumstances that lead to it. However, everyone has a choice in life to make friends at their convenience. My advice is to people who may not know or have walked into a relationship and after sometime, they keep on questioning themselves of the character of the person they’re moving with.

Common Sense Dieting Tips to Help You Lose the Weight

Common Sense Dieting Tips to Help You Lose the Weight

It’s ridiculous how huge the diet industry has become today. The media continually bombards us with weight loss fads, workout videos, books, weight loss pills, and even surgery. And yet, the solution to weight loss is simple – eat less and move more. That’s really the bare essential when it comes to losing weight and living better, but we as a public buy into the hype because we want the easy way out. We want a plan that allows us to sacrifice little and still lose the pounds.

The fact of the matter is, a legitimate diet plan requires discipline. There’s no way around it. It may seem easier to swallow a pill or have your stomach stapled, but when it comes down to it, healthy weight loss requires patience and effort. It’s nothing that will happen overnight, Resources.

While the prospect of dieting and exercising may be daunting, it doesn’t have to be a struggle. There are simple habits we all can develop in order to gradually shed the pounds. Here are a few of them:

Control Portions.

Over time, you can trick yourself into being satisfied with less. Start by cutting back 200 calories a day, over a month the calories you cut will have made a big difference. You could also try using smaller plates, that way you will automatically be tricked into eating smaller portions.

Ditch the Soda.

Carbonated beverages contain sugar and caffeine, which are detrimental to losing weight. Cut back on soda consumption (including diet soda), and substitute it with a healthy alternative.

Carbonated beverages contain sugar and caffeine

Snack Smart.

It’s okay to have a small snack, but make sure it’s just that: small. Don’t over-indulge yourself, rather, limit yourself to one chocolate and pop a mint in your mouth or brush your teeth afterward to avoid eating more.

Eat Before You Shop.

Shopping on an empty stomach may cause you to indulge in foods you don’t need. Eat a healthy meal beforehand and stick to foods on your diet.

More Water!

Drinking water during meals will fill you up quicker. Water also keeps you hydrated and refreshed.

Eat Slowly.

When you eat quickly, you end up consuming more before your body has a chance to get full. Eating slowly allows you to absorb the bulk of your meal, so you get full faster.

Eat Slowly

Take the Walk.

Instead of finding the closest parking spot, opt to park a little further away from the building. This will force you to burn excess calories without feeling the burn of rigorous exercise. Every little bit helps.

These are just a few ideas to help you move more and eat less. Just remember, you can do it yourself! You just have to be aware of your eating habits and have the discipline to sustain a long-term plan. Weight loss comes only when you decide to live healthier.

Remember, nothing good in life comes easy!

How to Survive with Only Your Bike and a Pocket Knife

How to Survive with Only Your Bike and a Pocket Knife

Sometimes we like to just get out of the house and away for a while. People everyday, take their families out for just a one day outing to get away from everyday things and the hectic grind of what is a must in life called “work”. Nothing in the world is wrong with this. People are different in many aspects when it comes to what they themselves would call fun or just getting away. Some people take time out by just taking a leisurely stroll around their neighborhood for stress relief and others take time out by going out into the world and taking in the sights of what is to be seen out there. There are those that go out shopping when they’re stressed, out along with a friend or two, and those that like to be alone and venture out into wherever, by themselves.

This piece revolves around those that like to venture out into the wilderness to get away and be by themselves for a bit, whether it be for just a few hours ,a week or a month.

Lets take a normal everyday person that lives by himself or herself that happens to have a lot of stress from work. Lets name this person, Robert. Robert wants to go out for a while after he gets off of work and relieve some stress that he encountered at work with a disgruntle fellow employee that happened to get on, Roberts last nerve by lashing out at, Robert about his own personal problems instead of talking them out with someone and getting some understanding and working them out in a sensible and reasonable way. Robert could have handled this disgruntle fellow employee if it wasn’t for the fellow employee lashing out at him about his problems instead of the fellow employee discussing his problems in a sensible way to, Robert.

How to Survive with Only Your Bike

Roberts day ends and he’s on his way home, and is so belligerent over the way he was treated at work, that he just wants to get away for a while and relieve some of his own anger and frustration without lashing out at someone himself. Robert thinks to himself, well, I’ll get home around 5:15 p.m. and I’ll just grab my bicycle and hook it up to the bike rack on my car and go out to the woods on a great trail ride that I know about about half a mile from my house down in the woods. Robert knows that he can trail all around the mountain side on his bike because this trail extends for miles around the mountain side. So, Robert finally arrives home and does what he has talked about doing on his journey home.

He hops out of his car and immediately rushes to his garage to grab his bike and hook it up to his bike rack. He gets his bike hooked up and hops in his car but thinks about anything else that he may need and has forgotten. He remembers that he would like to have his trustworthy pocket knife handy just in case if he needed to cut something on his little outing. He rushes up into his house and grabs his beloved pocket knife and also grabs a lighter so that he can have a smoke or two while he is out. These are all going to essential means of survival out on this little time away. He then heads out the door and hops into his car, puts it in drive and heads off out of sight and out of mind of everything and everyone.

Robert soon arrives at his destination. He arrives at the beginning of the trail that will lead him into the mountains and onto his trail. Robert hops out of his car, unhooks his bike off of his bike rack and sets his bike on its stand and runs back into his car to grab his pocket knife just in case if anything arises on his outing. He will have it just in case, whether it be for protection or standard use to do something unexpected.

Unexpected mishaps is what this guide is all about. Robert hops onto his bike and off he goes. Robert starts out on his trail ride unsuspecting of what is to come of his little outing. Robert soon arrives about half way through his bike ride around the mountain side and is doing well, all except for that one little pot hole that he happens to run into at an amazingly fast speed which thrusts him off of his bike. Robert is o.k. but as for his bike, it’s not doing so hot. Robert soon realizes that his bike has a blown front tire and is unreliable for the rest of his journey.

Robert realizes that he can not make it back to civilization without having food or water because of the great distance he has traveled. Robert has to survive as he travels back on foot. What does he do though. He has only a means of using a bike for survival until he can reach civilization. Wait, he also has that great pocket knife that he so intelligently brought along as well, See details.

Step One: Robert needs to look at his surroundings and become familiar with what his current situation is. Robert realizes that he must in order to survive, use his bike and pocket knife as his only means to make it back.

Step Two: Robert realizes that he must disassemble his bike and make use of what parts he can off of his beloved bike to survive and make it back home. Home is where he wishes he would have stayed now that this trip has turned into a total flop.

The parts in which can be used he realizes are as listed below.

  1. The two bike tires which includes the flat front tire.
  2. The brake wires which are in threads that are intertwined together.
  3. The actual brake assembly where the brake is attached to the handle bar.
  4. The spokes from his tires.
  5. The handle grips from his handle bars
  6. The foot pedals which also have reflectors on them for protection against oncoming street traffic and whatever else.

Lets take a look at what we have here and use the parts to their fullest extent for survival. In order for survival using what is given here, we must use them accordingly and not waste any means of use that these items may contain. Lets take a look now at what these items can be used for.

Bike Tires:

Bike Tires

1. The two bike tires, which of one was the cause of this atrocity including that awful pot hole, can be used as a means of starting a fire on whatever you can possible find in your current location. You can use your pocket knife to shave off shavings of the tire onto a pile of leaves on the ground or dried grass. This is great fire starter if you don’t have the time try and catch something on fire which is almost totally impossible to do if you’re working with a mixture of greenery in with dried material. Your fire can be used for cooking, SOS or a means of staying warm at night if you so wish and is a must.

Brake Wires:

2. The brake wires which can be used as a means of setting up a trip wire for wildlife if your only means of eating is animals. You can easily use this to set up a trap.

Brake Assembly:

3. Your brake assembly can be used as a reflector if you’re to scrape off the old metal that is tarnished on the surface of the brake assembly to bring up new and a very shiny underneath. You can reflect sunlight off of this to attract over passing airplanes or helicopters for a rescue attempt.

Tire Spokes:

4. You can use the spokes from your tires and attach to something long and sturdy for a spear. This is a great killing utensil if you are to use it in a great and useful technique.

Handle Grips:

5. You can use the handle grips to collect small food elements and carry them around with you on your journey. You can attach these grips to your side or carry them in your pockets with the food contained inside.

Foot Pedals:

6. The foot pedals from which you collected from your bike is a very very essential part of your rescue because of the standard pedals that come stock with the reflectors. These reflectors are a great method to reflect sunlight into a great distance to attract a rescue team if one becomes visible. Use these bike pedals to your fullest advantage. These are very very important.

The are all items in which you can use in your survival out in the wilderness if you are to become stranded like, Robert.

Take this guide and use it to your fullest advantage for your survival if you are to go out on your own and become stranded.

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