How Can I Charge My Smart Watch Without A Charger

You have faced charging problems in your smartwatch many times when you are out of home and do not have its charger; it may switch off.

What do you do? Just wait and charge it when you go home. Maybe you have never that you can also charge your smartwatch even you do not have a charger with you? 

It is right, and we have found some ways that will help you to charge your smartwatch even without its charger. Read our article to find out more about how you can charge your smartwatch without a charger? 

What Are The Different Ways To Charge A Smartwatch Without A Charger?

What Are The Different Ways To Charge A Smartwatch Without A Charger

Some unique ways will make you charge your smartwatch even you do not have its charger with you.

First Method:

Have you ever thought that your scream can give more life to your smartwatch battery? Yes, a device is developed by the South Korean university that makes you able to generate power of 50 mv with your hundred dB scream. 

Nothing is useless to take this device and makes your smartwatch charged with your anger and screams.

Second Method:

Your wind can produce electricity for your homes, then why not you can charge your phone with that. Do you have an iFan on your bicycle?

Then place your smartwatch battery in its handlebars for some hours. If you are in a forest and go for some adventure, your six-hour ride will make a full battery charge for your smartwatch.

Third Method:

Do you want your smartwatch recharge without using a charger? Then do not underestimate the heat of your body. It will make you able to recharge your smartwatch watch with the support of a pocket power device. 

Keep your smartwatch in your pocket in your for eight hours during sleep and complete your smartwatch battery. Your 37-degree temperature has enough power to charge the smartwatch battery.

Fourth Method:

Fourth Method

Your fruits and vegetables also have the power to recharge the battery of your smartwatch. Make a strong link through a metal wire and connect the fruits and vegetables in various ways.

With eight hundred apples, you can generate electricity of 6v that is enough to charge your smartwatch battery.

You can use all the above methods if you want to prove an experiment or need and benefit from such things that you never think before.

Final Thoughts:

The world is full of the invention; there is nothing in the world that has no solution. So, it is not a problem to charge your smartwatch’s battery if you do not have its charger with you.

In our article on how can I charge my smartwatch without a charger? We have provided you with four unique methods that can recharge your smartwatch even you do not have its charger with you.