how do I register at hotmart

Do you want to make the registration at hotmart? For the purpose of finding the right information on registration, you can make a relevant search on the internet. Now, you can get all the information at right website which is updated. It can help you to understand all the activities on platform. Now, you can start the registration process. It is good to make the registration at home but, there is need to follow some instructions.

Go to the official website

First of all, you have to go to the official website. After that, you can find out the panel where you have to submit all the information. It is good to make the submission to write information on there. Now, you can be ready to work on the registration at hotmart.

Click on register page

To register on the hot market, there is no need to go at register page. After going to the registration page, you can make easily register. Therefore you can easily register after submitting all your details. With the help of submission, you can get the right result and find out all the details.

You can sign up on facebook

You can sign up on facebook

Easily, you can make a sign up with help of Facebook. It is possible when you understand how do I register at hotmart. When you consider all the information about these facts and it will be good to make the proper registration. So, you can work on the proper corner of these pages and click on the register icon. When you are choosing the first option then you can create account with home Facebook. For this purpose, there is need to enter the phone number, email and password. It can help you to create new account.

When you want to make the normal registration that you have to enter the full name, email and create the password.

Read terms of use

Now, there is no need to accept the terms of use and click on the continue icon. But, it is good when you accept all of these terms after reading all the points.

At the end login to the platform

When all the process is done then you can go to the login platform and start using the tools. After that, you can use the proper tools. So, you don’t need to be worried and find the best tool which comes in your use.

Register the personal information

 In order to work as a CO producer, producer on the affiliate platform, there is a need to enter personal information. Now, you can save commissions easily on all the earning so when you are going with complete registration. So, you have to upload your photo and go on my account to fill up the personal information. On the new page, there are number of things available which you have to follow-

 There is a need to identify the right document.

 Even, you have to submit the full address like city, number code, State and other things.

 After that, you can submit the write a phone number which you are using recently. There is a need to mention the right area code.

 Now, you have to click on the save and save all your progress of how do I register at hotmart.