How Many Ways You Can Use Multiple Whatsapp Aero

Nowadays, we are all addicted to using our smartphones. We depend on it for everything from sending messages and taking pictures to navigation. However, there is still an aspect of life that it cannot be replaced with: texting!

One of the key things about using mobile phones using messaging app Whatsapp Aero (or just plain “Whatsapp Aero”). It is a great way for friends or family members living far away from each other to connect without having to spend money calling them even if they don’t have any minutes left on their own plan’s data pack!

Quick Whatsapp Aero Trick: How to Connect Your Phone To Another one

Quick Whatsapp Aero Trick

Now we will discuss about how to connect your Whatsapp Aero from one phone to another. This can be useful for those who are looking for a way connect their phones while abroad, or if they have had their phone stolen and want to keep in touch with friends and family back home.

You connect your Whatsapp Aero to another phone by following the steps below:

Open Whatsapp Aero on both phones.

Go to Settings and make sure that you have a green check mark next to “My Phone” or “This Phone”.

Tap on “Add Account” and choose the other phone.

How to use multi Whatsapp Aero account on my phone?

How to use multi Whatsapp Aero account on my phone

You can connect two Whatsapp Aero on the same phone. For example, your spouse and you both have a Whatsapp Aero account, but for some reason you don’t want to share it with them. You can connect each of their accounts individually to your own phone so that they are still able to view messages that were sent just between the two of you.

To connect another person’s Whatsapp Aero account onto your phone: open our Whatsapp Aero app > go into settings (gear icon) > select “Accounts” > then click “add account”. Select which type of device is being connected from under “type”, choose how long this connection will be active by choosing an expiration date in days or hours from “expiration time”, enter the username and password.

Is there any way to detect if anyone is using multiple Whatsapp Aero?

A person is using two Whatsapp Aero if they use the same phone number for both accounts. If you connect your Whatsapp Aero to another phone, it will show up as an unverified account on that second device. You can connect your Whatsapp Aero to a new or old Android and iPhone by downloading the app from Google Play Store or iTunes App Store respectively. However, there are certain limitations like not being able to use Voice Call in case of iOS devices while other features work flawlessly without any hindrance such as sending messages with photos, videos etc., sharing locations, doing group chats.


There are many ways that you can use Whatsapp Aero. You can text, voice record messages and group chat with friends or family members who also have the app. This is a great way to stay connected when you’re on-the-go! One of my favorite features of Whatsapp Aero is the ability to send audio files over wifi connection for free. I like this because it saves me time from using data so often! If you want more ideas about how to get started with Whatsapp Aero. We hope these tips help keep your phone usage in control as well as save some time too! What other uses do you know for Whatsapp Aero? Let us know in the comments below.