How Tall Is A Mattress

Why should the height of a mattress matter?

Whenever you are off to buy a new mattress, you may prioritize things like comfort, and design and usually ignore ‘height’ as an important factor. But the height of a mattress plays an important role in determining how the bed will look inside the room.

There are several things that you should consider before purchasing a new mattress for your bed, like, would a different sized mattress fit well with the headboard? The height difference required from the previous bed, any kind of extra layering, or generally the directions. Everything should be considered. And for more information about the importance of height in mattress, continue reading at our site.

What are the different sizes of mattresses available in the market?

What are the different sizes of mattresses available in the market

Different sizes are available throughout the market to support the demand of mattresses for every type of person. Below given content defines the standard sizes that are available throughout the market.

Standard Size Mattress (8 – 12″) – The standard-sized mattress is the most common in the market, you can easily find an 8 to 12-inch mattress made of spring, foam, and latex almost everywhere. Each material that is used inside the mattress helps in providing different firmness levels. The standard-sized mattress is priced in between, from the low sized to the large-sized. To know more about standard sized mattresses, continue reading at our site.

Low Profile Mattress (2 – 5”) – These sizes of mattresses are generally found to be in between 2 and 5 inches high. These mattresses are commonly used at sites as a blow-up air bed or a folding floor mattress. These mattresses are generally found to be kept inside smaller rooms, often made for kids. The mattresses are also used by people who prefer to be closer to the floor while sleeping without any compromise with comfort. These mattresses are quite useful when you demand more space inside your room. The prices are quite affordable, often cheaper than the standard sized ones.

Thick Mattress (12 – 20”) – The medium to thick, or thick mattresses are very popular amongst a wide population. The taller the mattress height, the more comfortability it provides. Though these are meant just for bigger beds inside a big room, these are quite expensive too when compared with either of low profile or standards. These mattresses are built from single or dual material and usually love in layers put together. For thick mattress options, continue reading at our site.

Final thoughts

After looking into all the content, you must realize that the combination of the height of the bed base and the mattress affects people in ways that couldn’t be noticed physically. But it is vital too. The height of the mattress defines the level of comfort and also the ease of access that one feels towards his bed. And thereby, the query about choosing the right size of the mattress for you is extremely important, it could prevent any chance of back pain or mobility issues.