how to fix broken makeup

Broken makeup is not good news for anyone especially when its costly one. You might not want to waste your precious makeup items when they dry up. Even if you have broken makeup you can still use them and repair the broken parts. All you need to do is take some simple steps which will surely help in providing you the best results. You just need to get all the necessary items and then use them to take care of broken makeup. The makeup can be showdowns, blushes or powders which might get damaged. Even if you take care of all the things it might still get damaged when they fall. In such cases, most women will throw away the damaged makeup but you can still use them.

What are the items you might require for fixing broken makeup?

What are the items you might require for fixing broken makeup

In order to fix the makeup, you need to first get all the required items. You will not face any difficulty in getting these items as they are already available in your house. Even if you do not have the items in your house you can get it from the local stores. Using the help of these items you can simply save a lot of money on the damaged makeup which needs to get replaced.

• Collect all your broken makeup pieces
• Get plastic in order to keep your finger clean
• Rubbing alcohol to take care of makeup

Steps to fix the broken makeup by yourself

Steps to fix the broken makeup by yourself

Here at website have some tips to learn how to fix broken makeup. By properly following all the steps you can take care of the broken makeup and use them again. This will really help you to save a lot of money and you will surely enjoy using your costly makeup.

  1. Gather broken pieces of makeup –

First of all, you need to gather all the broken pieces of makeup. You can collect it in the original container. Just make sure that you get all the broken pieces that you can.

  1. Crush the pieces into powder –

After that, you need to crush the pieces and make a powder. You need to crush the ones which are not broken so that there are no problems. this is very important so do it properly to avoid any issues later on.

  1. Use alcohol to mix it together –

Now you can use a few drops of the rubbing alcohol on the broken pieces. The crushed makeup pieces will take some time to soak in the makeup. After that, you can wear plastic to smooth the makeup. This is how to fix broken makeup and then you need to let it rest for the day.

When can you use the makeup again?

By following the steps mentioned in this article you can learn how to fix broken makeup. Now you might be wondering as to when you can start using the makeup that you repaired. It might take some time for the makeup to settle. So you should leave it to sit for about 24 hours before you use them. You can check it the next day if it looks like before or not. After that, you can apply the makeup without any trouble.

Some people find this trick life-changing as you might have throw away some costly makeup items earlier which might not have used even a single time. You can also suggest this trick to your friend so that they can also save money on the makeup. Instead of buying the same product again you can get new ones.