How to Write A Letter For Refund Of Air Tickets

We decide to fly and reach our destination, when we have important business, but sometimes the decision comes with its own set of problems and discomforts. There can be an endless number of problems while taking a flight, there may be technical problems due to which the flight gets delayed ,inconvenience in seating arrangement, or a an annoying conversation with a rude and disgruntled airline employee. But sometimes all these issues would at least justify you a refund or a good seat upgrade. There also may be a genuine and important reason when you could not board a flight or had to cancel your journey due to inevitable reasons.



The reason of writing a letter is to express genuine concern, a written request sounds more effective than having a face to face conversation. By writing a letter you can let the Airline know the valid reason for the refund, and in some cases where you have faced the above issues, you can inform at about the displeasure and dissatisfaction with the particular Airline.

Points To Keep In Consideration While Writing The Letter:

Points To Keep In Consideration While Writing The Letter

• Keep the write up brief and to the point. Explain the situation, rather than giving them a long story about the hardship you faced and unnecessary details. Giving them a straight picture of the situation would be more beneficial.

• The write up should be professional and in a formal tone, it should not indicate that you angry or aggressive. Do not use any kind of explicit language; it would not gain you any plus points.

• Include evidence like pictures or a recorded conversation if an employee is behaving badly with you. Sometimes there are long queues or the baggage may be destroyed or damaged badly at baggage claim. The solid proof of photographs and videos would have to be accounted for.

• The details of your flight like the flight number, destination etc should be included. Also if you use the airline frequently, then you should have informed them that you are a regular customer.

• Let them know in strong words that you expect compensation. Justify that why they should pay you the required compensation and the genuine reasons for it. Request to be reverted back at a particular time. Sometimes the Airlines have their own policy for the same. C heck that and set the timeline according to that. Also check your own details, like what were the rules regarding refunds and did you buy refundable tickets.

Template for the Letter

Template for the Letter:

The Manager,
Airline Name,
Office Address

Sub: Refund against Airline ticket number……

Dear Sir,
An air ticket was provided to me on the following date…The trip was for the …….destination. I could not make the journey, due to some strong and infallible reason. The causes for the same were out of my hands. I informed your office and cancelled my trip. I would therefore, firmly insist on a refund for the Airline ticket.

I shall also appreciate if you look into the matter and organize the refund to be provided in a timely manner.

I hope you would look into the concern at your earliest and thank you in advance.

Yours sincerely,

Address 1
Address 2

Some Airlines have policies like taking cancellation charges.Respect their agreements and policies. The motive of Airlines is to provide the customers with an enjoyable flying experience. So, if the concerns are genuine and well rationale, the Airline will surely consider your request.