Is a Portable Inverter Generator Right for You

In order to avoid damaging electronic equipment, you should use a generator with low harmonic distortion. This is also known as clean power or a pure sine wave. The more expensive pure sine wave generators will cost more than their cheaper counterparts. However, the difference between pure and square waves is not that drastic. Aside from the noise, pure sine wave generators produce less fuel than their counterparts.

Ideal for Running Small Appliances

Ideal for Running Small Appliances

While standard inverter generators are only suitable for a few devices, they are perfect for running small appliances like refrigerators, outdoor equipment, RVs, and even A/C in mobile homes. Some models can be paralleled to increase the amount of power. If you need to power a larger appliance or device, you can use two inverter generators. However, paralleling is not possible on all models.

Provides Quiet Operation

Another benefit of inverter generators is their quiet operation. Unlike conventional generators, inverter generators don’t produce loud noise. The noise they produce is similar to normal conversations, so you can easily use it in the midst of the night or on the beach. In fact, inverter generators are even more quiet than household vacuum cleaners. They are also safe for charging cell phones.

Best Value for Money

Before buying a portable inverter generator, it is important to consider the items you want to power. Identify the operating and starting wattages of each item. This will allow you to get the best value for your money. A battery-powered inverter generator will run silently, and without any emissions. Moreover, it will be easy to move the portable inverter generator 2022 to wherever you need it.

Quiet, Eco-Friendly, and Multi-Use

Compared to conventional generators, inverter generators are much quieter. Inverter generators are more efficient than traditional ones. They can run multiple appliances simultaneously. You can charge cell phones safely with an inverter generator. Aside from its efficiency, inverter generators are also eco-friendly, which means they emit less harmful emissions and lower fuel costs. They can run larger items like an air conditioner in a mobile home.

Helps You Protect Your Business

Inverter generators have two key advantages. They can be used with other units. The power of inverter generators can be doubled by pairing identical units. They can be used in parallel. In fact, a small inverter generator can produce as much electricity as a large inverter. In addition to being environmentally friendly, portable inverter generators have a few disadvantages.

How to Select a Portable Generator

You can choose between a portable inverter generator with square-wave output and a standard one with rectangular-wave output. A standard inverter generator can only run small household appliances and RVs. An inverter generator has a wider range of uses, and it is a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts and RV owners. You can also find many inverter generators with dual voltage.


The biggest advantage of a portable inverter generator is its quietness. The biggest disadvantage of an inverter generator is its limited wattage. The maximum output of a portable inverter generator is about 7,000 watts. In contrast, a traditional generator can reach 17,000 watts. A battery will not be a good choice if you’re not concerned with noise.