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It is a joint statement by doctors and fitness experts that a fat body is the center of diseases. If you have a fat body, you are at more risk for your health like heart diseases, bone diseases, and diabetes.

How you come to know that you have started losing your body weight and what amount of fat is acceptable to your body.

If you are a heavyweight man and try many things to lose weight but all in vain, then there is no need to worry. It is impossible to look at the case of “jorge garcia weight loss” who was 400 lbs but succeeded in losing weight.

You need proper monitoring to calculate your body fats with fixed intervals of scheduled days. Stay with us here; we will guide you on “how to calculate body fat percentage loss for weight loss.”

Methods of Calculating Body Fats percentage:

Methods of Calculating Body Fats percentage

It is not harmful to have fats in the body like other elements, fats are also crucial for proper metabolic reactions, but it is bad only when you have an excessive amount of fats in your body.

With expert’s recommendations, a woman should have 10 to 13 percent fats in her body while a man needs only 2 to 5 percent of fats in their body.

To properly monitor and know the percentage of fats in your body, you need to calculate the fats percentage in your body. Here are some methods to calculate the fats percentage in your body.

• Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)

While you visit the gyms and healthcare centers, you can quickly get access to this device. In this method, electrical signals pass through your body and estimate the fats’ percentage in your body. But the problem is that with each device, it is common to see variations in results.

• Skinfold Method:

Another method of measuring body fat percentage is the skinfold method—a professional nutritional device named calipers to pinch skin and fat at various points in your body.

After that, it makes the estimates of these measurements with the help of an equation to determine the percentage of fats in your body.

For the accuracy of results, the checker’s skills are essential, but one problem that sees in this method is less accurate for overweight individuals.

• Medical Methods:

Some popular medical methods that provide you with great accuracy of your body’s fats percentage are dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry, air displacement plethysmography, and underwater weighing.

These methods are costly and need medical experts to check their patients but provide great accuracy about fats percentage measurements.



You have gone through our article that you can lose your body weight fast with proper monitoring of fat percentage in your body.

You can adopt any of the methods to monitor fat percentage in your body properly, but for accurate calculations, you need to choose medical techniques that are reliable.

Thanks for staying with us in our article on “how to calculate body fat percentage loss for weight loss.”