Learn the Basics of CPR Training in First Aid!

What can you do when someone stops breathing all of a sudden? It can happen due to various reasons but the best way to help that person is to give CPR. It is Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and it can save your life easily. There are many times when the CPR technique can save someone’s life and everyone should learn it. If you want to ensure proper blood & oxygen flow in a person’s body, then you should try out this technique. For difficult times, basic CPR can help you to bring someone to life again.

It shouldn’t be done by a person who does not know of it. In case, an emergency occurs, you should be aware of the easy CPR technique. Now that you know what does CPR stands for in first  aid, you should find out the basics of this technique. Here are the simple steps you need to carry out while giving CPR to a person.

what does CPR stands for in first  aid
  • Survey the overall scene

At first, you need to survey the overall scene and check if there is someone who is experienced at giving CPR. If there is an experienced person, then you should let him/her do the task. You can check if any of your friend lives nearby who can do this task. If the hospital is nearby, then you can take the person to the hospital if possible.

  • Response of person

You need to ask the patient if he/she is fine or not. You can check if they are reacting to your voice or tapping on their shoulder. If the person isn’t even responding, then you need to give a call to the ambulance as soon as possible. Till the ambulance arrives, you can give CPR to the person. You need to check the heart rate of a person. If it’s running too slow, then begin chest compressions fast.

  • Give compressions

At first, you need to place your hand on their chest’s center and then put your other hand on the top of your hand. Interlocking the fingers can make it easier to give compressions. If you are giving compressions to a child, then you can use only one hand otherwise two hands will be fine for adults.

You need to give force by using the upper body and then perform compressions with 100 compressions per minute. Make sure that you let their chest recoil while you’re giving them compressions. Until the person starts breathing again, you need to keep giving the compressions. So, these are easy tips to give CPR to someone. These situations can occur at any time and anywhere. Almost every person should be aware of the basic CPR technique because it can be useful to save someone’s life. It is the best option for first aid till the ambulance arrives. Now that you know what does CPR stands for in first  aid, you have the basic knowledge of it. In case of emergencies, it can be very helpful to keep this in mind.