Quick-Detail Your Car and Save a Bundle

In this challenging economy it is important to stretch your dollar and find economical alternatives to accomplish many tasks. Also, it is important to maintain your possessions to extend their usage and increase their resale value. Your car falls into that category. To keep your car looking in top shape and protect its paint job you should detail it at least every six months. A conventional detailing service can cost you a couple hundred dollars. But since we are talking about stretching your dollar, the following steps will help you to quick-detail your car and save a bundle.

1. Start on the inside first. This will prevent dust to ruin your exterior when you clean it later. Collect all garbage and not needed items and trash them. Put essential items in a separate box. Vacuum the entire interior. (15 minutes)

2. Shampoo the carpets or spot treat them, depending on the condition. You can utilize the same carpet cleaner from your home, or buy one in a spray can for a quick clean. (15-20 minutes)


3. Use an all-purpose interior cleaner for the inside. This will save you time and money. (10 minutes)

4. Don’t forget to clean the glass and mirrors.

5. Put your essentials back where they belong. (5 minutes)

6. Now, you are ready to tackle the outside. Rinse the car with water to get rid of dust and particles that may rub the paint job and cause scratches. ( 3 minutes )

7. Use a car wash soap or shampoo. It will save you time since it is formulated to take care of hard spots that regular soap and water will not handle well. Apply it with a long handle brush/pad for maximum speed (your hands can only reach/move/scrub so fast). (15 minutes)

8. Don’t forget the tires. You have the option to use a tire cleaner for fast results. It will get rid of the grease and hard spots faster.

9. Dry your car if you are going to use a soft scratch remover or rubbing compound to spot treat the scratched areas. (30 minutes)

10. You have the option to use a spray wax for wet exterior surfaces, and you will not have to dry your car. (15-20 minutes and you are done)

11. If you decide to go with a more conventional product that needs a dry surface, there are plenty to choose from. These days, waxes come in spray, crème, liquid, and paste form. You can use a quick dry wax for fast results. Also, you can use a clear coat cleaner (clear coat and cleaner in one application) to save more time. Choose the product depending on the amount of time that you want to spend on this step. A paste wax will require more time than a spray or liquid wax. (25 -60 minutes depending on the product that you use) 12. Once you are done polishing, dust off any residue. (5 minutes)

Keep it up and you will have a shiny ride for years to come, and at the same time, you will be protecting its resale value.