Review of Synchrovit Skin Cream

Synchrovit is said to work deep into your skin to remove impurities in your skin and to reduce redness. This product is also designed to help exfoliate the skin and restore any discoloration to the skin. There are many products on the market just like this private label cosmetic skin cream so we will see if there is really anything that sets this product apart from all the rest.

Some of the ingredients in this product are Vitamin E, Retinol A and Amino Acids. This company also recommends that you can use this product on a daily basis for optimal results.

Vitamin E is a great antioxidant, but works best when it is ingested and not used topically. This formula seems to lack advanced ingredients that really help to make your skin healthier over time. It is important to have ingredients that lock in moisture, promote collagen growth and smooth out skin. However, this product does not have any these elements.

Skin Cream

Even though the company recommends that you use this product everyday as long as you want, this may not be the best choice for long term use. Why? Well, since this product does not have any of the top notch ingredients your skin will either become accustomed to the lesser ingredients or over time your skin will just become irritated by those ingredients.

The positives are that this product is competitively priced and so you won’t go totally broke trying to buy this product. You will also get to enjoy some of the basic benefits of Vitamin E. Vitamin E is great for healing and restoring skin, but still Vitamin E works best when it is taken internally. The product is easy to order online and delivered right to your door.

The negatives are that there is an inadequate refund policy. There really is not that much clarity on how the refund policy works. It’s actually pointless to have a refund policy if you don’t even understand what it is. At this time there are no customer testimonials and the product does not contain any advanced ingredients. Ok, so my recommendation is a no on this one. It just really doesn’t t seem to be that special. There really is nothing about this product that stands out from the products you can get at a drugstore! I would just head down to Walgreens and get some Vitamin E cream, save yourself the shipping cost and be on your way.