The Pros and Cons of a Time Clock at Work

Time clocks can be extremely convenient, but they also make it very easy to steal time. Some companies don’t care about this problem, while others require a little more effort to verify time. Some time clocks even come with interactive voice response so you can punch in over the phone.

Punch card clocks

Punch card time clocks at work are a traditional way to record employee time. Traditionally, an employee punches a paper time card into a device that stamps the time and date onto the card. However, with the proliferation of digital time clocks, employees can now swipe a badge or enter a code to record their time.

Biometric time clocks

Biometric time clocks at work are a great way to cut down on the amount of time employees spend waiting to punch in and out of the office. Employees will spend less time waiting and can instead focus on completing tasks. This technology also helps reduce the risk of time theft. Biometric time clocks can save employers up to 10% on payroll costs.

RFID time clocks

RFID time clocks are a great way for a business to track employee time. Not only can they save time and money, but they are also more secure and reliable. They send data to human resources departments and managers electronically so that payroll processing can be more efficient. An added bonus is that RFID time clocks help prevent time theft, which costs businesses up to 7% of payroll in the U.S. This innovative new technology allows businesses to monitor employee attendance and productivity without any human error, Check out the post right here.

Magnetic swipe time clocks

Magnetic swipe time clocks at work are a great way to monitor employee attendance and help prevent time theft. Unlike the more traditional time clocks, which require employees to punch in and out manually, these devices work by detecting a fingerprint on an employee’s fingerprint. These time clocks do not require passwords and are easy to operate, even for employees who do not know the underlying technology. In addition, these time clocks prevent buddy punching, which is the practice of present employees helping friends to clock in and out at the same time.

Integration with payroll software

Integration with payroll software can speed up the payroll process for both you and your employees. It can save time and resources by eliminating data redundancy, ensuring correct payments, and supporting different payment cycles. Payroll integrations also enable you to keep track of employee time, including paid and unpaid breaks.


Time clocks can help prevent time theft by eliminating the need to manually enter hours worked by employees. Employees do not steal time on purpose, but there are several instances where they may be unintentionally inflating their time sheets. This can result in payroll errors and overpayments. In addition, a time clock can be very beneficial for small businesses, as it can help avoid paying employees for time they did not work.