Tips to Estimate Software Development Effort

Many teams struggle to estimate their software development effort. While this is a daunting task, we believe that it can be achieved with the right approach. However, we must first acknowledge what exactly software development effort is and what it should look like in order to make accurate estimates. After all, when starting out in software development it is hard to determine if you are doing the right thing.

What is software development?

Software development is the process of designing, developing, and delivering computer software. Software developers are primarily concerned with writing source code for applications and programming new applications. They might also be involved in developing specific parts of software, such as user interfaces or game engines. Software engineers apply principles of engineering to solve problems that require novel software solutions. There is it outsource company who focus on the business problems that their source code will solve. This multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving is very powerful and can yield innovative solutions for a wide array of business needs.

Software development phases

The software development phases that were used in the past typically included: design, implementation and testing. The inclusion of testing has been short-lived and is now considered a very important and integral part of software development. However, this does not mean that all phases should be eliminated from the process. There are still places for research, prototyping, coding and debugging during design and implementation stages. The following figure provides a graphical representation of various software development phases.

How to estimate software development effort

Software development effort is typically estimated by the number of man-months it will take to complete. This might seem like a difficult process, but it is quite simple. All you need to do is estimate how long one person would work on the project for each day and multiply that by 30. This gives you an average estimate for how many man-months it would take to complete the project. The more details you provide with your estimate, the more accurate it will be. For example, specifying the amount of functionality provided by each module for each function allows you to calculate exactly how much effort is required without testing.

Estimating software quality has always been an integral part of any product created using computer technology or any other type of technology. A quality product can be designed and built to standards that will give the user a positive experience during every interaction with it.

Common software development tools and techniques

There are a number of software development tools and techniques that are standard in the industry. A few examples of these tools include:

Software architecture

Architecture is the design and implementation of computer systems. The architecture defines what a system is composed of, how it interfaces with its environment, and the components that make up these systems. When designing software applications and their corresponding architecture, engineers must consider many factors such as performance, price, scalability, power consumption and reliability.

Programming languages

The programming languages that are most commonly used today are C, Java, and Python.

Software design patterns

A design pattern is a general reusable solution to a commonly occurring problem in software design. This pattern defines how the problem should be solved and what code should be used, but it does not prescribe what language or framework to use for this solution. Design patterns typically provide guidelines for designing and implementing modular systems, object-oriented systems, and event-driven designs.

Web application frameworks and platforms

Web application frameworks and platforms are software models that provide developers with a way to design, develop, test, and deploy web applications.


It is important to know the effort required for a software development project. There are many factors that can impact the effort, such as the size of the project, its complexity and user requirements. In this blog post we will show you how to estimate your software development effort using a simple formula.