Restore Whatsapp GB Messages

With the recent release of Whatsapp gb messenger, many people have been getting a lot more messages. The only problem is that they keep deleting them before you can see what was in those messages! If you want to restore your chats, there are some steps you need to take. This blog post will walk through the process for restoring Whatsapp gb messages on an iPhone and Android phone. It’s easy as pie!

Steps to restore Whatsapp gb messages:

Steps to restore Whatsapp gb messages

– Open the app.  

– Tap on “More” > Restore chats from backup and tap on ‘Back up now’ (this will back up your conversations)

– This is optional, but it’s good to have a copy of your chat history in case something happens with your phone. To do this, tap on the “Backup” tab and select ‘Send to your email’.

– After you have backed up your chats, go back to the main page of whatsapp gb Messenger by tapping on the app icon in your home screen.

– Tap on “More” > Restore Chats from backup and it will work magic! All those precious messages are saved once more.


We’ll start by backing up your chats. Tap on ‘Back Up Now’ to back up your chats now or wait for later if you don’t have access to Wi-Fi. If this is all new information for you, it’s a good idea to back up your chats now. After you back up your chats, go to the main page of Whatsapp gb and tap on “More” again followed by Restore Chats from Backup. No need for anything fancy—just pick this option!

Android: Open the Chat Settings and enable Backing Up Messages & Media with Wi-Fi when Available (or On Mobile Network as Necessary). Start Auto Upload Now OR sync all media manually by using Google Drive.

iPhone:  Open Whatsapp gb and tap on ‘More’ > ‘Back Up Chats’ from Backup. Tap on Back up now to back up your chats or wait for later if you don’t have access to Wi-Fi at the moment. The backup will be saved automatically.

Note: If you backed up through email or Google Drive, open the app to restore Whatsapp gb messages from backup. Tap on More > Choose Backup Data and select Send to Email (or use a unique service) OR Synchronize Now if you want all media in one go instead of waiting until it’s finished uploading. You’ll have immediate access to everything when this is done.

Restore from backup:

Restore from backup

Steps for Android:

Open Whatsapp gb messenger; then click Chat Settings > Select Backup Data > Restore chats from backup > Start Auto Upload Now or upload them manually later using Google Drive >> Synchronize now OR wait until all media is uploaded.

Steps for iPhone: 

Open Whatsapp gb messenger, tap on “More” > Restore chats from backup. After that tap on Back up now and it will automatically back up your conversations! Sweet success! Your messages are saved once more.

Now that you know how to restore Whatsapp gb messages, it’s time to put this knowledge into practice. The steps for restoring Whatsapp gb chats on an iPhone and Android phone may seem a little intimidating at first glance but they’re actually really simple. If you can’t wait until all your media is uploaded through Google Drive or email (if you backed up with those services), just follow the instructions in our blog post! Your saved conversations are worth the effort—now go save them!