What Does the Blue Line Flag Mean

The blue line flag is usually wearied as a uniform for police cops. First US army soldiers started to wear thin blue line flag uniform to maintain the law enforcement between the two countries. They usually stand in borders so it is main thing to maintain proper law between countries. Then only they can build friendship goal between the countries. Before this blue line flag, they used red line flag as their uniform. But later red line flag was given to the medical persons and healthcare persons, so red line flag was replaced by the blue line flag. Then later blue line flag uniform was given to the cops as law enforcement. Law enforcement was main thing in all places. We can gain more information from the blue line flag about the law enforcement. The flag represents the peace of the country and non-violence of nation too.

Violence is the worst enemy for each and every country. We should go with peace in order to maintain law enforcement in nation. Law enforcement is common to all; it doesn’t mean that the law is favor to one side and disfavor to another side. So the blue line flag was used by the cops to maintain the proper law in nation because they will be the one to do it correctly. In many countries law enforcement was not maintained properly due to some political pressure and favor of some high social people. But in blue line flag there will be no favors or political pressure. It is completely banned on the blue line flag. The law is common to both poor and rich people. Once the mistake is done by someone the blue line flag says that we should see both sides before judging who is wrong. Here no favors should come in-between. It is the main motto of the blue line flag.

Blue Line Flag Mean

In blue line flag, only the center will have blue line and up and down will be the black line. It is the modern blue line flag. It consists of lot of meaning. The two black sides represent the law abiding portion of the community and another one says that destruction. But the blue line always the same as law enforcement. It says that whatever happens such as law abiding or destructions of laws but we should maintain the law enforcement in proper way. We should keep in our mind about the blue line flag. So only it is specially given to the police cops. Because they are the only one to investigate the case, whatever happens cops will be there. They only let the truth out to the world. So by wearing the blue line flag cops should always aware of the law enforcement. They should gain more information about the case before submitting it to the court.

If the law enforcement was failed, there will be no proper peace maintenance in the country. So the cop should remember the blue line flag before investing the case. So it was attached to their uniform. The law enforcement should not break by any cops at any time. If someone breaks the law, cops should take severe action on them. Cops wearing the blue line flag should always aware of truth and go in non-violence method to maintain peace. There are many law enforcement agencies too. But cops with blue line flag maintain the proper law enforcement. Federal bureau of investigation, drug enforcement administration also maintain the law enforcement but they don’t wear the blue line flag. Blue line flag has some special source to the cops. It gives pride to them to wear the blue line flag.