What You Can Do with an Old Hair Brush

Just about everyone goes through at least one to two hair brushes every two years. Most hair brushes will last you just that amount of time. After you hair brush is old and worn out what can you do with it? I have found some alternative uses for those old hairbrushes. Usually when you get rid of your hairbrush it is because the bristles are starting to wear down. They usually start to lean and bend and are not as effective as brushing the hair, click here for more info.

You can however use the brush for your children. I have found that when it is muddy outside kids tend to track this mud in their sneakers. Once it hardens up you will have little mud crumbs all over the house. To get the mud off you can use the old hair brush and a bucket of water. You just dip the brush into a bit of water and use it to scrub off the mud. If you don’t want to wet the brush it can have the same affect just scrubbing off the dry dirt. Be sure that you do this at an outside area so that you don’t get mud all over your home.

Hair Brush

I have also found that an old hairbrush works well to get stains out of a carpet. Since I have children, I can tell you first hand the amount of stains that can get ground into a carpet. A hair brush is a great item to use to scrub out those ground in stains. You can easily rinse out the brush after you have scrubbed out the dirt and put it away until you are ready to clean again. Using an old hair brush this way can work for many years. You can also get ground in stains out of shirts when doing laundry. Kids often have a lot of ground in grass and dirt stains. With a touch of laundry detergent you can scrub out the stain very easily. Baking soda also works well to remove a ground in stain with the help of an old hair brush. So before you throw the brush in the garbage, try finding ways to recycle and use the hair brush for other items. You may be surprised at how many uses an old hair brush can actually have. You can also give it to your daughter to use on their dolls.