Arbitrary Image Component For Exercise in Joomla Cms

1.The your Joomla web site graphics, PNG, GIF and JPEG (default random images, jpegs pictures of the module) is the first step of random images, then upload JPEG images to be transferred to keep the simple kind of random image module in Joomla completed for you automatically (module parameters: a = JPG image)

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joomla administration panel

2. for your joomla administration panel. Now stories stories. This click Upload your images folder, click in the media or the media manager is a little confusing as they can, but forget his name, and remember that these stories need to be at all the images folder. (Only your random images), they have pictures of that name, but it may be stories of programmers for you to find a folder in the file path will look something like the following:

A place where you do something right, where you name your files in folders path. This image. This random you want to enter a name you can enter it is important to know that there is important to your site increase the file organization goals so that you know your folder name and click Create a folder images. So.

3. Make you want. (If you have problems here are based on the Linux platform may be authorized, as we learn how to host your website to target Windows platform for the suggestion – no authorization – All problems 777)

4. When finished upload your JPEG files and your new Joomla extensions, click inside the administration module, panel. Now modules. This Manager and click to choose in the list, a random image random image module panel has to choose.

Title = anything you want to fill.

= Assets that you should be able to see.

You’re Website = left or right, etc. where you want, for example, choose to

Benefits the public at =

Name = menu, select the pages you want a random image.

Now we have module parameters:

Type = JPG images will be filled by default, so they just left.

Image folder = images / stories / your folder name (this is the book all the images / stories / (this folder will never change the path), followed by the name of the folder you have problems with, for example, pose. Please register if you create a folder with some random stories so here / / random and images can be recorded

Image folder

Link = the link you want, you enter here, and can make an image that you click the link.

Width = width and height and even if all your images to your images important. Keep them. So you better then 200pxs, but only on the width and height 200pxs 200pxs.Now Click Save