Split Long Sleeves

We women are often faced with gaining weight here, gaining weight there. But how do you gain weight in your arms and nowhere else? I mean, we lift kids, push shopping carts, cook supper, do the laundry; how do we suddenly gain weight in our arms? Okay, that’s not what really happened. The dry cleaner simply shrunk the garment, yeah, that’s it. Well, don’t let it get you down; put on your little black dress and go out on the town. Oh yeah, that’s right – the dry cleaner — Alright then, let’s split those sleeves and you’ll be in that little black dress in no time.

Whether the sleeves have gotten too tight, or you’d just like to change the look of a dress you have, it’s not difficult. Cut horizontally on the sleeve and you’ll instantly change the entire dress. Although you can do the sleeve change with nearly any type of material you’ll create the best look on fabric which is thin or a medium thickness. Avoid a really thick garment such as a denim dress. To find out additional information on split long sleeves, you’ve to visit this website.

Long Sleeves

With the scissors, cut from somewhere near the shoulder, to somewhere close to the wrist, down the length of the arm of the garment. Stay at least two inches away from the wrist and shoulder as you cut. Cut the fabric so that, with your arms hanging naturally to your sides, the cut area would run along the outside of your arm.

After the cut is made on each arm, turn the cut areas under, and pin them in place. Or, sew on a narrow binding which can help you keep the cut area from puckering as you hem it. Hem from near the shoulder, down, and back up, to give the entire slit a finished edge.

If the bare arm look just doesn’t agree with you there’s another step you can do to continue this new design. Cut “tabs” of fabric, hem the two long sides of each of them, and sew one end to one side of the slit and the other end to the opposite side of the slit. Do this from the top to the bottom but space them evenly apart. Instead of tabs you can cut wide or narrow ribbon and sew them between the edges of the slit. This look keeps wide slits from looking like gaping holes.

The split sleeves can keep you from giving away a nice dress simply because the sleeves are too tight. And even if they’re not, this quick project will make it look like you just got a new dress.