Diet and Health Tips

Healthy diet and practice.

Who doesn’t want to be healthy ?

Of course when it comes to junk food everyone likes but they tend to ignore the after effects of it. Don’t you want to live long with good health ? If you can follow some simple tips then life is made.

As soon as you get up brush your teeth and have at least 500 ml of water. This will remove the toxins in the body. Always avoid bed tea or bed coffee.

For breakfast eat high protein food, as you need to keep your energy till the end of the day. Eat corn flakes, chapathi, bread with a light dose of banana or grapes. Have your breakfast at around 8 AM

Healthy diet and practice

At around 11 AM you can have lemon tea with sugarfree or have a cup of green tea.

For Lunch either eat chapathi or rice. Please do not eat both.

If you are eating rice eat with playa with least oil and more vegetable. Then you can have rasam prepared of pepper and jeera. Then it is advised to have a curry with more vegetables again with least oil and preferably prepared with more dhal and less coconut, look at more info.

If you are having chapathi then have with side dish with more vegetable and less oil. Eat more of salads.

Around 4 PM have a cup of tea (again preferably black tea or green tea).

Have Dinner at night 8 30 PM. For Dinner use more of salads and less oily food. Preferably do not eat rice at night. Eat three Chapathi without oil with more of vegetable and remember – No oil !

After Dinner have some fruits like grapes, banana, papaya, strawberry in small cup.

Wait for half an hour and take a small walk around the garden for ten minutes. Come back and sleep and you will just feel so light and get a good sleep.

In your busy schedule of work you may not find time to walk or take some rest. In the office itself walk as much as possible. Get up from the chair and walk to get your printouts. Doesn’t matter even if you are walking to your assistant. Don’t have any ego issue. It is in your interest you are walking !!. Climb stairs. Use lift as least as possible.

Do not sit in front of computer for more than one hour. Take at least 5 minutes break per hour. Stretch your body even when you are working. May be sometimes even when you stand practice to stretch various parts of your body. By this the blood circulation improves and helps getting fresh. Stretch your hands and wrists while working on computer. Always wear plain glasses to protect your eyes from continuous radiation from the computer.