disposable face mask

If you are working in a health care or medical industry, then you would have known about the importance of controlling and protecting from infection. One of the best methods to prevent the infection is by wearing a medical mask, which helps to prevent you from getting an infection and stop being one of the causes of spreading the infection to someone else as well. It is a must to know about the seriousness of the infection when it spreads to a person. Both the health care or medical professionals and the patients who are suffering from an infection must be aware of spreading an infection which is more dangerous. So, it is always good to take some preventive measures to stop spreading the infection to other people.

How does a medical mask help to prevent infection?

How does a medical mask help to prevent infection

A medical mask is specially designed to prevent any kind of infection from one person to another. The mask usually covers the nose and the mouth which is not much tightened and it should not be much loose well so that the infective virus or bacteria not able to spread. If you are in the medical industry, then you must be a good role model for protecting yourself and for your patients as well, by wearing this medical mask. There are different types of medical masks are available in the market, some of them are disposable face mask, surgical mask, and reusable mask.

Disposable medical face mask

The Disposable face mask has become very popular during some pandemic situations such as H1N1 related infections, swine flu, and recently COVID 19 corona virus. The disposable face mask is very useful and effective in such pandemic situations which helps to prevent the infection spread. Also, it is very useful in all emergency situations when there is any risk of infection.

Surgical mask

A Surgical mask is usually used by medical professionals like Doctors, Nurses, and the staff who are in the operation theatre while doing any surgery to the patients. And besides the surgical mask, it is a must to wear surgical gloves also by the medical professionals.

Reusable mask

Reusable mask

The reusable mask is really useful to the people who regularly suffer from some of the diseases like asthma and any other allergy conditions. Since these masks are reusable, it can be easily washable which is useful for people who are infected by any infectious virus and bacteria. But some extra care should be taken while buying these reusable masks. The mask should be effectively filtered out the infectious allergens in the form of some pollen grains, fungi or bacteria, dust particles that are airborne. The air travellers who travel for a long distance in flights can use this type of reusable mask since they need to meet more passengers in the flight during the travel time.

It is important to follow some safety precautions while wearing a mask, once the mask gets moist or gets wet it should be removed immediately. If your mask contains an ear loop, then you should hold it by the ear loops and fix the loop around your ear. If the mask has ties or thread you should just move the mask to your nose and place the thread over the head crown and then you can secure it with a bow. Also if your mask has bands you need to hold it in your hand with the nose thus letting your bands move freely below your bands. After wearing mask, following all the safety precautions helps you to protect from any type of infection.