how to keep house cooler without an air conditioner

Whether you want to buy AC or not, there is not much need for an air conditioner if you learn some of the best ways to keep your home cool. Nothing can be worst than arriving at home in sweat and finding it to be a lot warmer. If you don’t want to get an AC for some health reasons or environmental protection, you should follow the best tips given below. It won’t be difficult for you to beat the heat if you keep your home cool by using the given ideas:

• White roof

how to keep house cooler without an air conditioner

If it is possible, then you can paint your home roof with white color. The attic can also be ventilated properly so that the air can pass through easily. The traditional black colored roof can burn hot in summers and that’s why a white roof can be a perfect way to keep your house cool in summers. It will reflect the heat and keep your home warmer. One can also install roof panels to protect the home from extreme sunlight.

• Spot cooling

When you are sleeping at night, you need to focus on cooling your bed instead of worrying about the entire home. You can push your pedestal fan towards your bed while sleeping. There are climate-controlling fans available in the market which uses air to keep your sheets stay cool always.

• Avoid stove

You can use an induction cooker instead of using a stove because it will create a lesser amount of heat. Now it isn’t difficult to understand how to keep house cooler without an air conditioner isn’t a difficult task now.

• Use window fans

You can use window fans which help keep the heat away from your home. When you will face windows outwards, then it will make it easier to keep your home cooler than ever. You can easily find good quality of window fans in the market.

• Comfortable clothing

Adding cotton and dark curtains can help to keep the heat outside. You should wear comfortable clothes if you want to get rid of the extreme heat in the summers. The cotton clothes are best if you don’t want to feel warm all the time. You can take a bath and wear cotton clothes to stay cooler.

• Buy an air cooler

If you can’t afford an air conditioner or don’t want to use it, then air cooler doesn’t have any harmful effects on the environment. It will also cool your house but won’t make you feel addicted to your room like air-conditioned rooms. You can find a variety of air coolers in the market in different sizes and designs.

So, these are some ways with which you can keep your house cool and feel amazing even in hot summers. Now you know how to keep house cooler without an air conditioner, you should follow these amazing tips. You won’t regret using these ideas and can also suggest these to your friends and acquaintances.