Self Improvement

This time of year we are indoors more often than we are outdoors, due to the cold. This has a tendency to take a toll on our psyche. Its okay to feel a little…well.. For lack of a more descriptive way to say it…”BLAH”! This is going to help you perk up a little bit and offer ways to treat and trick yourself into feeling awesome self improvement tips.

First of all go ahead and spurge on that expensive bag of full bodied rich slow roasted coffee that smells like heaven. This is the time of year I enjoy rich coffee the most . The hot steam rising into your nostrils first thing on a cold snowy morning is enough to make me crack a half smile. Cut back on your caramel lattes for a little bit so you can afford to brew the good stuff and give yourself a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Set the timer on your coffee pot and get it ready the night before …that buys you a 5 minute snooze!


Hopefully you are on your way to feeling almost good. Next: schedule a haircut. This is so important because the air is so dry so it will give your hair health and shine when the dead ends are cut off and you will feel great. Don’t be afraid to approach someone who you think has great hair and ask them who does theirs. You are giving them a sincere compliment and you may even make a new friend, which gives me a great idea.

Join a new social group, go to play date group to expose yourself to new people and get you mind working as you have adult conversation. (This one is for all those “slacking'” stay-at-home-moms). Pushing yourself is the only way to grow as a person and as uncomfortable as it seems to be out of your comfort zone understand that everything was new at one point in time.

If you are a business man or woman go to your local library and join Toastmasters ( a public speaking group that meets to practice public speaking) . Meeting new people and making new friends is such a great way to grow as a person. If you are antisocial push yourself to interact with one new person a week even if its to compliment someone’s shoes or handbag. You must start somewhere.