Thread Spool Knife Holder

People who like to do crafts and small projects around the house often save certain things which might be helpful in the future. Things like scraps of fabric, pieces of plastic, blocks of wood, and even empty paper towel rolls, can be used to make all sorts of other things. If you’ve got a habit of saving those types of things, run to your junk drawer, and get a bunch of the empty thread spools you’ve been saving. You can turn them into a knife organizer that’s made in minutes.

One way to make the organizer is to take the empty spools and slide them onto a wooden dowel. Purchase a wooden dowel that’s nearly as long as your knife drawer is wide. Make sure the dowel is small enough in diameter so that it will fit into the spools. Slide the spools onto the dowel to make the organizer. To discover more info on knife holder, you must click here.

First, apply a dab of hot glue to the end of the dowel, then slide on the first spool. Slide the next spool on and position it next to the first spool. Use a little hot glue to hold it in place. Leave just a tiny sliver of space between the two spools – a space that will accommodate a knife blade. Continue adding more and more spools onto the dowel, gluing them in place, and leave a small space between each set. Place the tip of each knife between two of the spools to store them. When you make this type of organizer you can use any kind or size of spools.

Knife Holder

Make a different type of knife organizer by simply gluing Styrofoam spools end-to-end. Don’t leave a space between the spools; just use hot glue to attach them in a row. When the row is as long as you want it to be simply use a sharp knife to make cuts along one side of each of the spools. Lay the assorted knives in the slits to store.

You can make each knife holder a little more decorative by painting the spools before using them. If you paint Styryofoam spools make sure to use tempera paints which don’t melt Styrofoam like some other paints do.

The knife organizer can also look a little more substantial if you glue the spools to a piece of painted wood. No matter what type of knife organizer you make you’ll see that it takes little time, money or effort!