Common Sense Dieting Tips to Help You Lose the Weight

It’s ridiculous how huge the diet industry has become today. The media continually bombards us with weight loss fads, workout videos, books, weight loss pills, and even surgery. And yet, the solution to weight loss is simple – eat less and move more. That’s really the bare essential when it comes to losing weight and living better, but we as a public buy into the hype because we want the easy way out. We want a plan that allows us to sacrifice little and still lose the pounds.

The fact of the matter is, a legitimate diet plan requires discipline. There’s no way around it. It may seem easier to swallow a pill or have your stomach stapled, but when it comes down to it, healthy weight loss requires patience and effort. It’s nothing that will happen overnight, Resources.

While the prospect of dieting and exercising may be daunting, it doesn’t have to be a struggle. There are simple habits we all can develop in order to gradually shed the pounds. Here are a few of them:

Control Portions.

Over time, you can trick yourself into being satisfied with less. Start by cutting back 200 calories a day, over a month the calories you cut will have made a big difference. You could also try using smaller plates, that way you will automatically be tricked into eating smaller portions.

Ditch the Soda.

Carbonated beverages contain sugar and caffeine, which are detrimental to losing weight. Cut back on soda consumption (including diet soda), and substitute it with a healthy alternative.

Carbonated beverages contain sugar and caffeine

Snack Smart.

It’s okay to have a small snack, but make sure it’s just that: small. Don’t over-indulge yourself, rather, limit yourself to one chocolate and pop a mint in your mouth or brush your teeth afterward to avoid eating more.

Eat Before You Shop.

Shopping on an empty stomach may cause you to indulge in foods you don’t need. Eat a healthy meal beforehand and stick to foods on your diet.

More Water!

Drinking water during meals will fill you up quicker. Water also keeps you hydrated and refreshed.

Eat Slowly.

When you eat quickly, you end up consuming more before your body has a chance to get full. Eating slowly allows you to absorb the bulk of your meal, so you get full faster.

Eat Slowly

Take the Walk.

Instead of finding the closest parking spot, opt to park a little further away from the building. This will force you to burn excess calories without feeling the burn of rigorous exercise. Every little bit helps.

These are just a few ideas to help you move more and eat less. Just remember, you can do it yourself! You just have to be aware of your eating habits and have the discipline to sustain a long-term plan. Weight loss comes only when you decide to live healthier.

Remember, nothing good in life comes easy!