Garlic and Other Natural Supplements Combat Mercury Poisoning

Garlic combats mercury poisoning? Is there anything garlic can’t do? Mercury poisoning is on the increase. Garlic and other natural supplements are effective in fighting mercury poisoning. Plus, who knew the surprising source of mercury poisoning is in your favorite soda pop? Here’s another reason to quit drinking sweetened beverages, start eating more garlic and try some other natural supplements.

We All Know Mercury is Found In Fish.

We All Know Mercury is Found In Fish

Did you also know there are high levels of mercury in high fructose corn syrup? Is there anything good about high fructose corn syrup? This sugar alternative has been blamed for many health problems including food addiction. Stop drinking and eating high fructose corn syrup. Use garlic and other natural supplements to reverse mercury poisoning.

Natural Supplements And Dietary Changes Like Eating More Garlic Combat Many Health Issues.

Mercury poisoning is one of them. Counteract the build up of mercury in your system by using natural supplements like garlic now. Protect the central nervous system and avoid mercury poisoning symptoms like brain fog, low energy, mood swings and headaches.These are all symptoms pointing to DNA damage and cell disruption caused by mercury poisoning.

How Does Garlic Fight Mercury?

How Does Garlic Fight Mercury

Garlic and onions fight mercury poisoning by protecting the nervous system from absorbing toxic mercury. The sulfur content in this deadly duo gives mercury poisoning nothing to attach itself to. Other high sulfur natural cures for mercury poisoning include hummus, prunes and salsa, learn more OTC Med Store.

Other Helpful Natural Cures

Garlic joins whey powder, Brazil nuts and cilantro as natural supplements to fend off mercury poisoning. Garlic fights poisoning with sulfur, while these other natural supplements either neutralize mercury toxins or work to carry them out of the body. Detoxification through natural supplements such as garlic is key in the battle against mercury poisoning.

Battling Mercury In The Liver

The liver produces an antioxidant known as glutathione which carries mercury toxins out of the body. High levels of mercury poisoning in the system cause glutathione to become depleted. This is because the glutathione is carried out with the mercury. Whey powder added to food provides cystenine to boost glutathione production.

How Cilantro Fights Mercury

Cilantro is another of the natural supplements that binds to mercury in the bloodstream to carry it out of the body before it causes damage. Combined with the use of garlic, this herb becomes a super food for fighting mercury poisoning. Salsa made with fresh onions, garlic and cilantro is a guilt free mercury poisoning fighter.

Brazil Nuts Flush Toxins Too

Brazil Nuts Flush Toxins Too

Brazil nuts are natural supplements with many health benefits. Like garlic and the other natural supplements listed, Brazil nuts do more than fight mercury poisoning. Brazil nuts contain selenium, a powerful mineral for neutralizing mercury toxins. Just a handful of these natural supplements daily is all it takes to fight mercury poisoning. Please note: The author is not a licensed medical professional. This article is not intended to replace professional medical advice.